25 years old with mental complications ,that everyone was aware of in the area of Newtown was complying with LAPD and was held down and shot 3 times in the back.

Witness’s say officers screamed out “shoot him” before firing at him. HE WAS HELD DOWN AND NOT RESISTING AND THEY STILL SHOT HIM. This is not getting any coverage and could easily be swept under the rug. I’m on mobile so please if anyone can post pictures,links,etc feel free to add.

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Her: We finish each other’s s-
Me: -ocial justice rants.

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losing followers for the ferguson posts is like cleaning out the trash thanks

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um if ur on the fence about ferguson or ur on this ‘we are the world. we all bleed red. not all white people are bad. let there be world peace. this is beyond race’ bullshit unfollow me rn i’m not even fucking kidding. black people are out here dying. this shit ain’t a game. 

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